12u Tournament Schedule

2020 Mon Valley Miners 12U Tournament Schedule

Miners 2020 Tournament Schedule:

April-25th-26th-No Offseason

May-8th-10th-Mother’s Day Classic(Monroeville)

May-23th-25th-ACB Open (Monroeville)

June-6th-12th-Ripken (Pigeon Forge, Tennessee)

June-20th-21st  Fathers Day (PT or No Offseason)

June-25th-28rd-Cap Classic (Monroeville)

July-2nd-5th-Beast of the East (West Virginia)

July-10th-12th-Mid-Atlantic Tournament (Bridgeport WV)

July-18th-19th-NOF or WV

July-24th-26th-Louisville Slugger Wood Bat (Monroeville)


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