About Us

Mon Valley Miners

Just do your Job and we will be successful

Just do your job and we will be successful is a saying that we use before every game. Even though baseball is a team sport we feel that it’s important for everyone to take this statement to heart.

The Mon Valley Miners Baseball Club was established to create an affordable way to give the players of the area a chance to play high level travel baseball. We are individually funded and fully insured. We aren’t affiliated with any local area rec baseball organizations or governing bodies. We play in local travel tournaments along with barnstorming local teams.

We follow the OLD SCHOOL baseball philosophy. We expect our players to give 100% Effort, have a positive Attitude and work hard at all times. These characteristics do not take talent, but they do affect the way a player is perceived and will affect personal and team success. We don’t base success on a win loss record but on individual and team improvement and growth. “Hard work will beat talent if talent doesn’t work hard.”

During the off season our players train at least one day a week from January through March. Our workouts include many different baseball drills that cover fundamental mechanics. We feel that position specific instruction during the off season will limit the growth of the players. We want to give every player a chance to improve their skills and versatility.

We use the Bull Pen (indoor baseball facility) for our off season work outs. Winter workouts aren’t only used to improve baseball skills and versatility, but our players have a chance to strengthen their bodies by implementing plyometric exercises, agility work and speed training. The repetitions will build muscle memory along with physical strength. We also work on proper fielding mechanics, pitching mechanics and hitting during the off season. Once the season approaches, each player should feel comfortable with the mechanics they’ve worked on and will receive individual coaching at that point.

Finally, we give all of our players a chance to grow and succeed in our organization. We would like to think that we help each of them to strive for perfection in everything they do, not only baseball.

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